Grammar and Vocabulary Assignment

1. __________ you lend me $10? I left my pocket money at home.
2. Oh no! The shop's closed. Now we _________ get a pizza.
3. Rob _________ drink milk. It makes him sick.
4. Our teacher says we __________ spend less time playing computer games.
5. Johanna __________ certainly decide to come to the party if her mum lets her go.
6. You _________ get your wife some jewelry for her birthday, I suppose.
7. They __________ copy all this text. The task was to write the verbs only.
8. ___________ I make you some fruit juice now if you're thirsty?
9. I'm sure, it _________ be possible to get tickets for the performance.
10. You ________ have cooked dinner because we're going to the restaurant tonight.