Check your knowledge of the Possessive Case (_') with this Family

1. Mary has got a niece. It is Mary’s niece.
2. Susan has got a niece. It is _________ niece.
3. Peter has got a nephew. It is Peter’s nephew.
4. Pamela has got a nephew. It is Pamela’s ___________.
5. Lisa has got a granddaughter. It is Lisa’s ____________.
6. Michael has got a mother. It is ___________ mother.
7. Carla has got a father. It is __________ father.
8. Robert has got parents. They are Robert’s ___________.
9. Tanya and Boris have got children. They are Tanya and Boris’s _____.
10. These parents have got three children. They are these parents’ children.
11. These relatives have got a garden. It is these _________ garden.
12. Robert and Mary have got a house. It is Robert and Mary’s house.
13. Denny and Mark have got a dog. It is ___________ dog.
14. Denny and Mark have got bicycles. They are Denny’s and Mark’s bicycles.
15. Tom and Paulina have got sisters. They are ________ sisters.    
16. Jackie has got two brothers. They are Jackie’s _______.
17. Joanna has got an uncle and an aunt. They are Joanna’s ________.
18. These children have got a cousin. It is these ________ cousin.
19. Nickolas has got a son. It is _________ son.
20. Frank has got a daughter. It is _________ daughter.