Passive Voice

For questions 1-10, transform the sentences into the Passive Voice ones. For questions 11-15, make Passive Voice sentences using the words and pictures. Mention agents only where necessary.

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#1. Mark opened the door.

#2. Mary asked the policeman for directions.

#3. People built a swimming pool last year.

#4. Someone took the visitors to the airport.

#5. Bell invented the telephone in 1876.

#6. They produce a lot of wine in Portugal.

#7. Someone stole my handbag last year.

#8. The Normans conquered Britain in 1066.

#9. They admit children to school at the age of seven in this country.

#10. They make most New York skyscrapers of steel and glass.


#11. Tower of London / use as a prison

#12. the computer animated movie / produce / Walt Disney Pictures

#13. open in 1828

#14. invent / Daniel Schwenter / in 1636

#15. grow / in France