Jobs Crossword

Name a specialist who does the following (see the questions below the crossword). For two-words nouns add “z” instead of the space.

1. Gives lessons at school or college.
2. Fixes or handles cars, devices or equipment.
3. Plays in performances or films.
4. Works out constructions or machines.
5. Rules a company, a department, makes deals.
6. Performs at the concerts, plays the instruments or sings.
7. Treats patients and gives prescriptions.
8. Operates on patients.
9. Takes passengers or goods to their destinations.
10. Designs objects of infrastructure, amenities.
11. Paints pictures.
12. Caters for customers in cafés or restaurants.
13. Makes injections, takes pressure, temperature, helps the doctor.
14. Helps in studying on a one to one basis.
15. Flies planes, helicopters.
16. Gets coal underground.
17. Puts out the flame, combustion.
18. Navigates a ship, goes fishing.
19. Grows vegetables, fruit, poultry or cattle.
20. Repairs wires, fixes bulbs.
21. Draws balances and controls expenses.
22. Helps people to tackle their personality problems.
23. Fights with criminals.
24. Sells goods and helps customers in supermarkets.
25. Takes calls, works on the computer, with documents.
26. Conducts a research, studies something.
27. Raises houses, blocks and amenities.
28. Works out high technology intellectual products.
29. Makes something out of wood.
30. Joins metal pieces by means of electricity.