Grammar Test for the Level A2.


I. Choose an appropriate modal verb:

#1. __________ you lend me $10? I left my pocket money at home.

#2. Oh no! The shop's closed. Now we _________ get a pizza.

#3. Rob _________ drink milk. It makes him sick.

#4. Our teacher says we __________ spend less time playing computer games.

#5. Johanna __________ certainly decide to come to the party if her mum lets her go.

#6. You _________ get your wife some jewelry for her birthday, I suppose.

#7. They __________ copy all this text. The task was to write the verbs only.

#8. ___________ I make you some fruit juice now if you're thirsty?

#9. I'm sure, it _________ be possible to get tickets for the performance.

#10. You ________ have cooked dinner because we're going to the restaurant tonight.


II. Open the brackets and type the verbs in the Present Simple or Present Continuous tense forms:

#11. Jack ________ (sit) in the living room at the moment, doing his homework.

#12. Paul ________ (not get up) at 06:00 in the morning.

#13. We ________ (come) from Italy, but we aren't Italians.

#14. We ________ (live) in the USA this year as my father has a temporary work here.

#15. Sarah ________ (say) her dad is an excellent cook.

#16. Peter ________ (want) to see the latest comedy at the cinema.

#17. Holly's sister ________ (not study) art at university.

#18. They ________ (work) in a supermarket this summer.

#19. I ________ (not enjoy) this novel very much - it's quite boring.

#20. I ________ (not like) sherbet very much.


III. Complete the sentences with the Past Simple form of the verbs in brackets:

#21. Paul ________ (not arrive) until after midnight.

#22. The coach was annoyed because Brad and Liz ________ (be) late for the training session.

#23. Who ________ (win) the match?

#24. Where ________ (Katy / find) John's T-shirt?

#25. Bob first ________ (become) world champion in 2001.

#26. I ________ (pay) $80 for my ticket for the match against Brasil.

#27. We ________ (get) upset because we failed the exam.

#28. Her mother ________ (lose) temper during her dispute with the neighbours.

#29. He ________ (hide) his disappointment after the announcement of the results.

#30. We ________ (bring) our new camera to take picture at the party.


IV. Choose the correct form of the verbs:

#31. Who ________ to when I saw you in the yard yesterday?

#32. Luke had to give up playing basketball because he ________ problems with his knee.

#33. Where ________ dinner when I called you yesterday?

#34. The performance ________ at 10:00.

#35. I ________ English at college at 13:00 yesterday.

#36. ________ to the airport when I saw him drive past this morning?

#37. Vincent ________ along the track when he was hit by a skateboarder.

#38. What ________ when you asked her about their wedding?

#39. The children ________ near the beach when they saw a dolphin.

#40. Who was making noise when I ________ in?


V. Put these words in the correct order to make sentences:

#41. with his family/he/in the country/lives/ .

#42. in Birmingham/sold/six months ago/they/their house .

#43. still/she/a/find/new/can't/job .

#44. a/lawyer/mother/my/as/before her retirement/worked .

#45. party/they/their/last night/enjoy/did ?

#46. summer/sometimes/fly/to New Zealand/on/we/holidays

#47. country/pounds:/uses/which/the UK/or/France ?

#48. did/to school/you/go/where/as/child/a ?

#49. you/did/long/last job/work/how/your/in ?

#50. were/German/they/not/last month/studying/at college