Grammar Exercises

I. Put each verb in brackets into a suitable tense. 

I was on time for my dentist’s appointment, but the dentist was still busy with another patient, so I (1) _________ (sit) in the waiting room and (2) __________ (read) some of the old magazines lying there. While I (3) _________ (wonder) whether to leave and come back another day, I (4) _________ (notice) a magazine article about teeth. It (5) __________ (begin): “How long is it since you last (6) _________ (go) to the dentist? (7) __________ (you go) regularly every six months? Or (8) _________ (you put off) your visit for the last six years?” Next to the article was a cartoon of a man in a dentist’s chair. The dentist (9) _________ (say): “I’m afraid this (10) ________ (hurt).” I (11) _________ (suddenly realize) that my tooth (12) _________ (stop) aching. But just as I (13) _________ (open) the door to leave, the dentist’s door (14) _________ (open). “Next please,” he (15) _________ (call), as the previous patient (16) _________ (push) past me. “Actually I’m not here to see you, I (17) ________ (wait) for my friend,” I (18) ________ (shout), leaving as rapidly as I could. (19) _________ (you ever do) this kind of thing? Surely I can’t be the only person who (20) _________ (hate) the dentist!

II. Rewrite sentences in different ways, using the words under each sentence.

1.      The bank robber wore a mask. No one recognized him.

so that       so as not to

2.      I’m on a strict diet. I still haven’t lost any weight.

even though    however    even so

3.     He was penniless and starving, but he still shouldn’t have stolen the food.

nevertheless    although    despite

4.      Do I like her or not? I’m not sure.


5.      The curry was hot. We couldn’t eat it.

so    such    too

6.      Joe had financial problems, but bought a new motorbike.

despite    in spite of

7.      On 24th July you made us an offer. So I would like to ask you to make a booking for 4 pax.

with reference to     further to

III. Insert the most appropriate article if necessary.

1.      Jane bought … fridge and … washing machine for her house, but … washing machine wouldn’t go through … kitchen door so she had to send it back.

2.      … doctor Pike has developed … way to teach musical theory. … method is designed for … children over five.

3.      Once, when I won … competition, I had to choose between … holiday in … Caribbean and … Volvo. I chose … car, of course.

4.      … Cambridge University has announced proposals to build … new library, to replace … existing one by … year 2007.

5.      … lunch at … restaurant of … Orly airport was excellent.

6.      … accommodation we had at … Las Dunas Hotel suited us perfectly.

7.      Now Sue is at … university studying … French.

8.      We usually go to … cinema in … New Street.

9.      We had … really marvelous dinner at … Webster’s restaurant.

10.   … Maldives are situated in … Indian Ocean.

IV. Make a to-form or Gerund opening the brackets. 

1.      I remember (go) to the bank, but nothing after that.

2.      Remember (take) your hat when you go out.

3.      Although it was hard at first, she came to enjoy (work) for the airline.

4.      I’d advise (take) more exercise.

5.      I tried (get) the table through the door, but I couldn’t manage (do) that.

6.      Avoid (tell) the lies.

7.      We refused (go) to Argentina this summer.