Giving Directions Quiz


Well done! My congratulations!

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#1. To cross the river you have to go ________ the bridge.

#2. You should go ahead __________ the traffic light and then turn left.

#3. How can I get ________ the post office?

#4. Turn _______ Starlight Street and take the second right.

#5. You will see the museum _____ your right.

#6. Go _____ ahead!

#7. When you get to the square go ______ the statue, the box office is behind it.

#8. You go _____ of the station and turn left.

#9. Go _________ Main Road, then turn right.

#10. In Green Street _______ the third left.

#11. You should go _____________ the tunnel.

#12. While driving _________ the overpass he saw a coach above his head.

#13. I think we've overlooked our stop. We might have already gone __________ it.

#14. Never turn right, __________ to the left all the way up.

#15. They are lucky! Their school is only ____________ five minutes walk.