Active Holidays

Solve the crossword:

1. Cream that you put on your skin so as not to be burnt.
2. A building where you can see showpieces.
3. A means of transport you can fly on.
4. An activity to watch landmarks.
5. A section in a train carriage.
6. A building with amenities where certain means of transport land and take off.
7. A very high point of the landscape.
8. A specialist in culture and history of a place who tells the tourists about it.
9. A risky and exciting activity which can include travelling.
10. A statue devoted to a famous person or a memorable event.
11. A chosen way of travelling or a route.
12. A type of the cheap accommodation mainly for students.
13. A travel along white water rivers on a simple vessel.
14. A backpack.
15. A long walk about the countryside without tents.
16. Going out in order to familiarize with some cultural and historical valuables.
17. A pavement to wait for a means of transport on it.
18. A place by the sea or the ocean people can lie on.
19. The point you aim to get to.
20. A type of activity when people use shoes with small wheels.
21. A building with amenities for arrivals and departures.
22. Riding waves using a special board.
23. A schedule for arrivals and departures.
24. An item to protect your eyes from ultraviolet.
25. Getting a beautiful tan.
26. Riding a bike.
27. A person who stays at his friends', relatives' or in a different country or city.
28. A means of transport to travel on.
29. A flying team.
30. A trip and rest usually of a group of people with tents.