Booking an Air Ticket

Travel agent:             Good morning, madam. May I help you?

Traveller:                     Good morning. I’d like an airline ticket from London to Paris and from Paris to New York.

Travel agent:             When are you planning to travel?

Traveller:                     On July, 8th from London to Paris. On July, 15th from Paris to New York.

Travel agent:              First class or economy?

Traveller:                     Economy class is fine.

Travel agent:             It will cost you $ 1300, total price.

Traveller:                     That’s fine with me.

Travel agent:             Is the ticket in your name, madam?

Traveller:                     Yes, please. My name’s Pauline White.

Travel agent:             Here is your ticket, madam. There are two coupons for each leg of your journey. The carrier is British Airways. The code Y is for economy. The baggage allowance is 20 kg.

Traveller:                     Thanks.

Transform the dialogue above using the following data:

from Moscow to Munich and from Munich to Rome

on September 12th, on September 18th

Business class or economy?


$ 1930

Jane Brook


25 kg

from Paris to Madrid and from Madrid to Athens

on May 1st, on May 7th

First class or economy?


EUR 2300

Helen Parker

Air France

30 kg

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